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November 21, 2013
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       It was late at night, and [First] still wasn't asleep despite the fact that she had school in less than four hours. Sleep had never come easy, but it wasn't likely that staring at the bright light of her cellphone was doing much to lull her to dreamland. Ah well, she was used to it.

       She scrolled through tumblr, quietly laughing at text posts and inwardly groaning at the 'doge' ones. Just how long was that fad going to last? Some food porn and one emoticon debate later, snapchat alerted her that someone sent her a snap. Instantly, she was confused, who would be up this late at night besides her?

       Nevertheless, she opened the application, and found that it had been sent from the staff. Her eyes nearly rolled out of her head with how fast she rotated them. Ever since the Togami family had bought the app from the original owners(who she had never cared to keep track of), he would send out random pictures of him with piles of money in different situations, and surely it would be no different this time.

       The red box loaded within a second, and [First] was having a weird feeling about this specific snap. Maybe it would be something different, she thoughtfully pondered to herself before pressing her finger down on the message.

       There was Byakuya Togami, sitting in a bathtub full of money whilst laughing his ass off.

this isn't even an x reader this is just me being stupid
alright so im not putting a warning on this because it contains one swear word and if you can't handle that then what the heckie
i got the prompt from the danganronpaimagines tumblr blog so go check them out bc they're gr8

"imagine Togami buys snapchat and every time you get a snap from the staff, it’s just another photo of Togami in a bathtub full of money, laughing. "
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Shiori: *quietly drowns him in the money*
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i was looking for some hot togami x reader but i got something much better
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